Free Local Attractions Near Our Kilkenny Hotel

Free Local Attractions Near Our Kilkenny Hotel

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You only need to take a walk down one of Kilkenny’s historic main streets to see what a special town this is. There is so much to see and do here that you will be absolutely spoiled for choice. If you have chosen to visit Kilkenny for a weekend break or an extended stay, why not check out some of Kilkenny’s cultural and medieval sites that are free to visit:

Black Abbey

One of Kilkenny’s most beautiful buildings, Black Abbey, is free to enter and explore at your leisure. The name is derived from the black cloak the Dominican Friars used to wear over their white habits. The Abbey is close to the old city wall which used to divide Kilkenny into English and Irish. You can be sure to learn something new in this ancient church; you can even attend a service if you wish! More information can be found on their website.

Butler Gallery

For the more creative of you, Butler Gallery claims to be the most vibrant contemporary art spaces outside of Dublin. Located inside the gates of Kilkenny Castle, the gallery is dedicated to showcasing the work of Irish and emerging artists alongside established artists. Its presence in Kilkenny is very appropriate as the city is well known for its artists and craft makers. The gallery is free to enter, you do not need tickets to enter but if you need any more info you can click here.

Walking trails

We know walking is always free but Kilkenny has some beautiful trails and treks to tempt you out of bed a little earlier. There are many walking trails, most are perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll but you can tackle a tougher trek if you prefer. Our favourites include the Nore Valley Walk, Tullahought – Kilmacoliver loop and Gathabawn Loop. Pack yourself a light lunch, bring plenty of water and print out your map and route from Trail Kilkenny.

Discovery Park

If you find yourself in Kilkenny with some extra time and a car for a short journey you should visit Castlecomer Discovery Park. The park opened to the public in 2007 and is focusing on developing rural tourism, generate local employment and regenerate the town. You can find details of the many activities and trails they offer on their website.

Woodstock Garden and Arboretum

Another short journey away from Kilkenny’s city centre are the beautiful Woodstock Gardens. Located southeast of Kilkenny, close to Inistioge, the gardens are home to an array of flowers, trees and other plant life from all over the world. The most popular attractions are the Rose Garden, Monkey Puzzle Avenue, and Noble Fir Avenue. You will be steeped in history also as the gardens date back to the 1740’s. The gardens are free to visit but they charge a small amount for all day car parking.

Whatever you decide to do in Kilkenny you can continue to save money by choosing to stay in the best value hotel in Kilkenny, The Hoban Hotel Kilkenny. Our accommodation offers great value for money and a perfect base from which to explore the city. To inquire about our rates please view our offers or you can email us or call 056 7783100.


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