Sustainability at The Hoban Hotel

Sustainability at The Hoban Hotel

Sustainability and green tourism have been relevant and important topics in Ireland for a long time. For us, it’s not just a topic of conversation; we are committed to making real and measurable changes to the way we operate so that our hotel has the least impact possible on our surroundings. We have implemented some changes that we are proud of with the aim of reducing our impact on the environment without affecting the quality of care for our guests. Our initiatives are spread across all sectors of the hotel, from the running of the building to the processes and procedures of our team with education being the number one focus. Here are some ways we’re improving our hotel.

The Building

Hoban Hotel Kilkenny has 80 bedrooms, multiple conference rooms and a buzzing bar & restaurant making it difficult to bring our carbon footprint to zero. However, we have implemented little changes throughout our hotel building to reduce our impact where possible. We have double-glazed windows, trapping heat and lowering the need for fossil fuel generated heating. All areas of the hotel aside from the lobby, bar & restaurant have sensored lighting, meaning no unnecessary energy is wasted when not in use. Our rooms have key-activated electricity meaning guests must be present for it to work. Electricity cuts off after one minute of the key being removed. We have a well onsite providing fresh water.

Sustainable Operations

Our team’s daily tasks are assessed regularly to see where we can improve our operations and make them more sustainable. In our restaurant, we try to keep waste to a minimum, but the unavoidable waste is segregated into biodegradable, recycling and general waste. We work with our waste disposal supplier to ensure these are treated in the most appropriate and sustainable manner. During conference set-up, we provide recyclable paper and pencils to delegates, and we reuse them as often as possible. Our team are often consulted, and we welcome suggestions from guests and team members on further reducing our impact. We use trusted and certified suppliers with as few deliveries as possible to ensure their carbon footprint is not increased by trips to and from our hotel.

Maintenance & Cleaning

We do our best to be as sustainably conscious as possible through our daily operations as possible. We use large batch chemicals with automatic dispensers to minimise over-use and waste. We refill our cleaning containers and use chemicals with the least impact possible without affecting our cleanliness standards. As part of our housekeeping schedule, our team are trained to ensure all electrical items are switched off in each bedroom they enter to minimise electricity wastage. We encourage guests to be as environmentally friendly as possible when staying with us so we offer stayover guests the opportunity to reuse towels. Our bathroom amenities are available through wall-mounted dispensers instead of single-use individual bottles

Green Tourism

We are committed to the continual improvement of our hotel and ongoing education for our teams when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We have almost completed the accreditation process with Green Tourism, a certification dedicated to the commitment of tourism businesses actively working to become more sustainable. We are educated and get professional advice on areas such as;

  • Reducing energy use
  • Saving water
  • Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
  • Ethical buying
  • Staying local & seasonal
  • Minimising food miles
  • Promoting biodiversity

Guest Impact

We encourage guests of Hoban Hotel to join us in making the hotel a more sustainable place. There are many small things guests can do to help us including unplugging all devices before they leave the room, reusing towels and separating waste. Guests can also help by bringing as little waste to the hotel as possible; it’s as simple as refusing that extra bag while out shopping. We provide free parking for guests but encourage them to use public transport and walk to & from the hotel when exploring the city. We also encourage staycations instead of overseas holidays, reducing your carbon footprint and bringing revenue to our local economy.

Book Hoban Hotel Kilkenny’s best available rates on our official website where you can learn more about our sustainable practices and start planning your trip to Irelands Ancient East.

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