The Best of Shopping in Kilkenny

The Best of Shopping in Kilkenny

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If you’re planning a trip to Kilkenny to see the historical sights and take in the warm atmosphere we love to create, make sure you leave a couple of hours to potter around some of our best shopping centres and unique outlets. Here is our pick of the best:


High street

If you are looking for all of your favourite high-street shops, look no further than McDonagh Junction shopping centre right beside the McDonagh train station. Here you will find all of your favourite high street stores such as H&M, Next and River Island along with some fast food eateries and cafes. They offer very reasonable parking rates and often have family-friendly events like Easter egg hunts and Christmas discos for the little ones.


Vintage & Unique stores

We have some fabulous unique shops in Kilkenny where you can find a once in a lifetime buy or something really special to bring home for a loved one. Take a walk down Patrick Street in the city centre and you will find some real hidden gems. If you’re looking for a special one of a kind piece, don’t pass Folkster without popping your head in. The store is owned by Irish designer Blanaid Hennessy and the shop is a mecca for fashion lovers. They also have a beautiful bridal store, if you’re in the market for something very different!


High-End Ladies wear

To visit some of our lovely higher-end boutique shops for something special, take a walk down St. Kieran’s Street along the Medieval Mile. Lady Lorna Designer Emporium is home to an array of talented Irish designers and will make sure you are fully dressed, including a smile, for any special occasion you can imagine. On the other end of the scale, Peaches Boutique specialise in imported clothing from Paris, Italy and beyond. Their personal shopping service is very popular so make sure you book in advance if you would like to enjoy it.


Local Markets

We don’t know about you but we absolutely love trawling through a car boot sale to find that special forgotten-about trinket or a vintage jacket for a fraction of the cost of its high-street equivalent. In Kilkenny, we have a great number of local markets every weekend that have a huge selection of bric-a-brac, clothing and toys. There is also a fantastic Farmers Market just a 15-minute drive from the hotel with fresh produce from local farms and dairies. You really can’t get fresher!


Art & Ceramics

If you want to kill two birds with the one stone, take a visit to Rothe House for a taste of Kilkenny’s fascinating heritage and to see or buy some fabulous art. The Blackbird Gallery is home to contemporary fine art, prints, ceramics and other gifts. The gallery recently moved to its new home in the stunning Rothe House and spans two floors, showing and selling art from an array of Irish and international artists. While you’re there, pay a visit to the beautiful house and gardens.

For the perfect base to explore Kilkenny, stay in The Hoban Hotel Kilkenny. Our great value rates and close proximity to the city means you have more time and money to spend on yourself! Remember to always book direct for our best available rates.

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